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Jay Flow talk about the design concept of Sharkman art toy

Jay Flow talk about the design concept of Sharkman art toy


Where did you get the inspiration for your work? Why choose a shark as the theme?
I started drawing figures with graffiti as the theme. My drawings style is rough and sharp, so it was hard for people to understand them. Therefore, I chose sharks as a more understandable object to show my painting style. Sharks are understandable to everyone and represent carnivores and attractive animals, so my characters use sharks combined with human bodies and wear fashionable costumes, which will be fun.

鲨鱼角色代表我。鲨鱼角色准备涂鸦的插图是我的作品,也是庆祝我的品牌 STIGMA 十周年的海报。在邀请展览的海报中,鲨鱼准备涂鸦表达了我对那些参观展览的人们的期望和好奇。

Why is Sharkman carrying spray paint like he’s ready to go out and paint?
The shark character represents me. My illustration of the shark character ready to graffiti is for the poster celebrating the 10th anniversary of my brand STIGMA. In the poster for the invitation exhibition, the shark ready to graffiti expresses my expectation and curiosity for those who visit the exhibition.

时尚是我性格中的重要因素,它并不总是相同的,并且随着时间的流逝而变化,鲨鱼现在穿着的风格是在为 STIGMA 品牌做准备时受到更多时尚影响, 这些似乎对涂鸦绘画和品牌艺术总监的身份有着相互影响。

Why do the characters in your work often wear the clothing in hip-hop fashion style?
Fashion is a big part of my personality. Fashion is not always the same and changes over time, the style that Shark wears now is more fashion influenced when preparing for the STIGMA brand, these seem to have a mutual influence on graffiti painting and being the artistic director of the brand.

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